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Let Us Help You Get The Right Products!
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6kW 48V 120/240VAC Split Phase 80A 250VDC Off-Grid

by growatt
Original price $1,499.99 - Original price $1,499.99
Original price
$1,499.99 - $1,499.99
Current price $1,499.99
This is a listing for: 6000W SPF 6000T Off Grid 120V/240V inverter 

48V 6KW Growatt SPF 6000T DVM Low Frequency Split Phase 120V & 240VAC. 18kw surge. Low Frequency models offering up to 3+ x Power surge capacity (18kW for 20MS)  Ideal for starting power tools, well pumps, welders, etc.; this can  do it all! 

Provides split phase out the box. NOT parallel able - you're maxed out at 6Kw which is a ton of power considering the surge capability. Not Grid Tied, but does have grid assist (transfer switch). Can also prioritize Line Mode.

Because it has an output transformer, you can pull the full 6KW load from the 120V Output or the 240V Output. (This is not the case on the High Frequency models.)

  • Pure Sinewave output
  • 48V battery voltage
  • 6kW Nominal Output  (120V or 240V combined loads)
  • 18kW Surge Output for 20ms
  • Efficiency >85%
  • Power Factor 1.0
  • 240VAC input
  • Built in transfer switch  (switches load to Generator / Utility of battery voltage is too low - and charges at the same time)
  • Dimensions, 23 x 17 x 9 inches, 105 lbs