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Let Us Help You Get The Right Products!
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3kW Stackable 48V 120VAC MPPT 250VDC Off-Grid Inverter by Growatt

by growatt
Original price $750.00 - Original price $750.00
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$750.00 - $750.00
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This is a listing for: 48V 3000W 250Vdc ES Off Grid 120V Growatt Inverter

This is a listing for a 3000W ES Off Grid 120V inverter (purchase two units for split phase!) These can be expanded to achieve 18kW of Capacity! (6 units can be paralleled together!) 

BIG DEAL: 250V MPPT makes fewer strings, no combiner box and power can travel longer at high voltage, perfect for easier install

This is a multifunctional off grid solar inverter, integrated with a MPPT solar charge controller, a high frequency pure sine wave inverter and UPS function module in one machine, which is perfect for off grid backup power and self-consumption applications. Pure sine wave output 3KW. built in MPPT 18A. High frequency inverter with small size and light weight. Overload, short circuit and deep discharge protection. Compatible to mains voltage or generator power. Parallel operation up to 6 unit. Supports Li Ion and Lead Acid, User can choose proper capacity lead acid battery with nominal voltage at 48V for 48V model

Growatt SPF 3000 ES off-grid is off-grid inverter. Great for backup power and self-consumption applications. 

The maximum power PV input voltage up to 250VDC. It can work without battery! 


+ Integrated MPPT charge controller. 
+ Equalization charging function. 
+ Work with battery or without battery. 
+ Maximum PV input voltage up to 250VDC. 
+ Configurable grid or solar input priority. 
+ Optional WIFI/ GPRS remote monitoring. 
+ Support parallel operation for capacity expansion up to 18kW. 
+ PV and Grid power the load jointly if PV energy insufficient