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Growatt releases new off-grid inverter - Southwest solar supply

Growatt releases new off-grid inverter

The SPF 3000T HVM-G2 inverter. Image: Growatt.

Chinese inverter manufacturer Growatt has launched its second-generation off-grid inverter, featuring a solar input voltage of up to 250V.

The SPF 3000T HVM-G2 product consists of a built-in MPPT charge controller, AC charger and inverter with a low-frequency transformer, allowing for surge power at three times of the rated power, Growatt said.

With an efficiency of up to 95%, the 3kW inverter is scalable and can be wired in parallel for up to six units for single-phase or three-phase systems to expand power capacity to 18kW.

“Combined with Growatt’s wide range of lithium batteries and monitoring solutions, the SPF 3000T HVM-G2 inverter enables customers to have access to smart, reliable and sustainable clean energy,” said Lisa Zhang, Growatt’s marketing director.

The launch comes after Growatt released its MAX 1500V string inverter for large-scale solar plants earlier this year.

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